I`m Dirk Diestel.
Sorry about this portraitphoto, but I don`t like to be photographed... ;-)
But I like to take photos!

I`m a German professionell photographer, born in Hamburg / Germany.
(Certified Master of Photography since 1975, longtime member of CAP - Colour Art Photo Europe)

Married with Kathrin, I live since summer 2005 in Taipei/Taiwan. It is a great experience to live in this country with its friendly people and to discover the great beauty as well of this island as the other countries in southeast asia..

Let me invite you to look at the galleries, you will find a lot of photos to get an impression from Taiwan and other asian countries.

If you like to contact me, send me an email. You can order each of my photos, please feel free to ask for the conditions.

If you are looking for a photographer for your next assignment please give me a call or email me.

Kind regards!

“TAIPEI TIMES” report about the Dirk Diestel 2008 photo exhibition Asian Kids in Taipei Cultural Center (Goethe Institut) . See another report by culture.tw

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